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  • What is Made in Greece

    Made in Greece is an e-commerce marketplace hosting “pieces of work whose origins lay in the life, the heart and the spirit of our nation’s people.”

    Greece creates! Jewellery, clothing, accessories, work of art, furniture, food, compine the product list of Made in Greece with common root quality, high aesthetics, Geekness. Made in Greek doesn't just sell you the product, in Made in Greece you meet your supplier. You meet people that visualize , design and create unique products just for you!
  • How to choose the product I am interested in.

    In Made in Greece you will discover a wonderful world of high quality products with the signature of "Made in Greece". 

    Browse , travel , look , choose, buy. Use the category menu , the  product pages , brand pages or search engine. Made in Greece will help you compine availiability and lower price and ensures the best experience for you .
  • How to add products to my cart.

    In Made in Greece you buy directly from people who have inspired and implemented the product that you desire without intermediaries, without extra charges ,without faslifications.

    Made in Greece allows you το buy from several stores creating a single shopping cart. It takes into account the total value of the products , the availiability , the delivery time and the shipping cost transforming your sales activity to a unique eperience of online shopping 
  • How to pay.

    In Made in Greece despite the number of stores that you want to buy from ,you are not obliged to register your card details into any online store.
    Made in Greece has obtained for you in collaboration with paypal services the most decure and reliable way to complete your online shopping.
    Our privacy policy creates a safe and reliable trading enviroment. Also express chechout paypal service provides you the fastest possible speed in handling your transaction.
  • Shipping

    Products are sent directly to you from each store.The shipping policy depends on the store you have made your order from and each shipment is separate.
  • How to create a ''Made in Greece'' acount.

    Your registration to Made in Greece creates your account. Your registration allows you to enter shipping and payment addresses, check the history of your orders, create a list of favorite products and favorite stores and also to make a quick checkout.
  • Newsletter

    Regisatration to newsletter allows you to have direct access to special privileges, direct updates on new products, discounts - offers, new lower prices.
    special privileges, direct updates on new products, discounts - offers, new lower prices.