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About us

About us

Made in Greece is an e-commerce marketplace hosting “[pieces of work whose origins lay in the life, the heart and the spirit of our nation’s people.”

Philosophy of Made in Greece

Made in Greece focuses on inspired creators, outstanding personalities and talented entrepreneurs. It supports prominent artists, as well as projects of cultural institutions and trusted companies that give life, shape and disseminate Greek cultural goods.

The Made in Greece Products

Made in Greece features works of art and jewellery, cosmetics and health products, garments and any product related to the home environment and the Greek style of living according to our morals and customs, Christianity, folk and Christian tradition and of course, our Mediterranean nutrition and everything what the Greek land produces.

The design of the products reflects the timelessness of the classical ideal, the uniqueness of the Greek tradition and the consciousness of Hellenism, which according to G. Theotokas is “a straight straight life, movement, contradiction, quest, travel open sea…”.

The characteristics of the products are a complex puzzle of “harmony, symmetry, beauty, a variety of forms and creation, a wealth of emotions”.

Their production is governed by the rational use of natural wealth, respect for human ideals and social values that accompany this journey of our products in space and time.

Vision and mission

The moving spirit behind Made in Greece is the creative and experienced ALFA IKE group of young people from the field of marketing aiming at the dissemination of Greek products and the strengthening the extroversion of Geek entrepreneurship.

The vision of Made in Greece is, with the aid of the consumers all over the world, to enhance and increase the supply and demand of Greek products.