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Rose Honey 130g Theta Foods

Theta foods & Honey

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UnitPrice: 24.90 €
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Treat your soul to an exploration of sensuality. An formidable elixir of life, this honey and roses is an indulgence that tempts and delights the senses.

Rose Honey 130g Theta Foods

UnitPrice: 24.90 €
    Very proud to present to you a product of exeptional quality and uniqueness. Honey, produced by wildflowers and a rare type of red roses using special techniques and know how. Production is not simple,since the honey has to remain in special inox containers for a specific period of time for maturation before this divine product reaches the final stage of packaging.
    Ancient Greek myths are the first to mention its existance. Its unique and exquisite flavor create a sensual luxury experience taking us to a journey to a whole new world of exquisite gastronomy and pleasing.

    Type: 100% Pure, Premium Wildflowers with Rose Honey

    Use on/with: Such a divine exquisite quality honey should be consumed only straight in small portions, in order to enjoy the flavor of roses.

    Quality + Impression

    Color: Rose amber

    Taste: Smooth sweetness with the strong feeling of roses.

    Production: Lab Tested. Extracted using a rare technique in order to maintain the aromas of fresh rare red roses.

    Packaging: Bottled in a crystal thick italian manufactured container, with engraved polished gold metal plate, and supplied in a matt black luxury box. Packaged and sealed by hand , with no machine involved in the production process.The product is supplied in 130g net weight content.

    USEFUL INFORMATION: All pure honey crystalizes at some point as a natural phenomenon. In order to decrystalize, refer to certain ways as seen on the internet using a water heating method. Avoid warming the water above 37 degrees, and also avoid the methods using microwave oven.

    We guarantee the excellence, and the unique flavor of roses, until the last drop.

    Our aim is to offer to our clients products with exceptional quality. With respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, taste, storage life and other important criteria, our glass container complies with the highest quality criteria.

    Our wish is to hand over our honey in such a way that the superior quality is completely maintained over a longer time period.
    Cancellation rights apply within 14 days after the purchase in accordance with our Terms of Use.