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Island wild flower thyme honey

Theta foods & Honey

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UnitPrice: 12.00 €
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Island wild flower thyme honey

UnitPrice: 12.00 €
    Discover our highly awarded honey made from nectar gathered from Greek Island Wild Flowers and Thyme. A flavor profile unlike any other..
    100% Pure, Premium Island Wildflowers with thyme Honey
    Use on/with: Spread on bread and butter, or use it raw as topping on ice cream and Greek yogurt. One spoon of this honey will bring out all the aromas when used as a natural sweetener in tea. For molecular gastronomy, use it as the main ingredient in making honey caviar.

    Benefits: Thyme honey is well known for its amazing health benefits. Some key benefits can be found reading here.

    Color: Gold amber
    Taste: Smooth sweetness with the feeling of wild island flowers and thyme nectar.
    Production: Lab Tested. Unfiltered and Extracted below 35 degrees without any Pasteurization. Not applied to any Heating which destroys aromas, yeast enzymes and phenol.
    Packaging: Bottled in an italian manufactured container. Packaged and sealed by hand using hologram seal, with no machine involved in the production process.The product is supplied in 280g net weight content.


    Tradition and Meraki (Three generations of agricultural knowledge in market)

    After successful life overseas with studies and career two brothers, Konstantinos and Dimitrios, returned to their village Eresos, in Lesvos Greece, with the vision to produce superior local food products, using the heritage of three generations back of agricultural knowledge.

    Following their father’s beekeeping knowledge since 1963, as first step, beehives are positioned on mountain locations of the island, most of close to the sea. With their ‘meraki ‘, THETA Foods Co. delivers 2 years ago, their first in line supreme product: Premium Island Wildflowers with Thyme Honey, with main characteristic its exquisite flavor.

    But the company’s aim remains high. At the moment, an estate of approximately 90 acres privately owned is planned to become productive too. In this estate, in addition to the 300 olive trees found, about 400 fig trees were planted in 2002 with scope to put into production in 2015, an exceptional product: Superior Fig Nectar Syrup. Limited, rare, unique and divine syrup, loved by gourmet chefs worldwide.

    The company operates under HACCP and ISO 22000 (under certification), while applied and expecting BIO certification in 2016.
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