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Scarf «DigiLog»

Ersi Krouska & Hats - Scarves & Gloves

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UnitPrice: 50.00 €
Available Ready to ship in 3–5 business days
Handmade item
Material: 100% Silk (PES)
Width: 37cm
Length: 195cm
Laser Cut Finish
Mede in Greece

Scarf «DigiLog»

UnitPrice: 50.00 €
    DigiLog is an analog floor which exudes sweet sensation, inspired by the digital and chaotic. A fishbone-pixel parquet turned into a scarf… The digital is the great tool that keeps evolving in the contemporary age. Digital devices are now everywhere, and their ‘brain’, if one knows how to use it properly, can work miracles -solve time consuming and incredibly complex geometric equations in a matter of seconds. The analog is what has always been there although we have neglected it, dazzled by the rapid evolution of the new digital world. It is closer to human nature, more readily understood, more tangible and hence sweeter.

    The digital is the brain, and the analog is emotion. The pattern is Digital and the face that appears on the textile, through the pattern, is anaLog, therefore DigiLog. A low-resolution image, works in the reverse way than a high-resolution image. Usually a high-resolution image is viewed from a close to a closer distance, to watch the whole and then the detail. In the DigiLog case when the image is seen by far a face appears, the closer the distance becomes, the more the face dissolves to the pallet of its colors. When seen from different angles, the fishbone pattern creates different illusions on the expression of the image that appears. For example, a portrait can look happy from one angle, neutral from a second angle or sad from a third angle…

    Complex patterns, with accuracy smaller than a millimeter, that are cut on airy textiles
    with a laser beam. The details of the architectural decorations, of the archeological site,
    of Acropolis. Now and then… Seeing Acropolis one more time, this time through a zoom
    lens. The smallest designs, the details, that do not get noticed by the first sight, but they
    get recorded in the sub-conscious. Repeating patterns in different scales and on
    different surfaces, make the eye leave satisfied, without knowing exactly why.
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