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Terms of Use

TERMS OF USE OF THE MADE-IN-GREECE.GR WEB SITE is an online platform for buying and selling of Greek products. In particular, provides any interested producer, manufacturer or trader of Greek products the opportunity to create a digital “shop” through which he will sell his products to third parties. offers the services of the website (“website”, “site”) (“Site”) with the following Terms of Use, which the recipient of the services (hereafter referred to as “the user” or simply “you”) is required to read carefully and make use of services only if they accept them fully and consent to their application.

Any use of the Site and any transaction through it implies the full acceptance of these Terms of Use on your behalf, which constitute the only binding agreement between you and, as applicable, as if signed in writing. reserves the right to modify at any time the following General Terms of Use without any further notice. For this reason, you must regularly visit this page and be informed of each change. In any modification to these Terms of Use, your use of the Services of the Site at a later date of the change means re-acceptance by you of your new Terms of Use and your commitment to them.


1.1 The information on the Site is provided free of charge to any visitor. You may wish to visit the Site, browse and search for stores or products at no charge and without your registration.

1.2 Depending on the use you want to make, you can make the appropriate registration: a) If you want to buy as a simple visitor / unregistered user, you can complete them with the “checkout” option at the end of your purchases; b) if you want to buy products from the stores of by creating a user account, you can register via the account creation form. When registering you will be asked to enter your name, a username, a valid e-mail address, and a password; c) if you want to create your own online store, you will need to select the registration form “Open store” and fill in all relevant fields.

1.3 You must be over eighteen (18) years of age to register at For the purposes of this Agreement, persons who sign up to the Site and make any transaction through this Site are considered as adults and capable of doing so. Your registration at is a valid statement of will and you declare responsibly that all information you provide with your registration is true.


2.1 After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation message at the email address you have entered at your registration.

2.2 Using the My Account option, you can edit the information you provided when you sign up or add new ones (e.g., your address to be saved for shipping the products you buy). From this point you can also find the history of the orders you have made through, as well as the products and / or shops you identified as favorites.

2.3 Every user remains personally and solely responsible for all actions and transactions made through his / her account. For this reason, you must ensure that only you know your password and disconnect after each session. If you find any unauthorized use of your account or any breach or potential breach of your account, you must immediately notify the site’s administrators. is not responsible for damage  resulting from your inability to follow this clause.

2.4 If you wish to disable your account, you can contact us at [email protected]. reserves the right to delete an account, even without notice, if a violation of any of these Terms of Use is proven.


3.1 maintains a Personal Data Record of its registered users in accordance with the requirements of Law 2472/97, as amended and currently in force. The user data kept in the archive is solely those you have stated during your registration or you have added while configuring your profile at (full name, e-mail, address, telephone number etc.).

3.2 The purpose of collecting your registration data is, in principle, storing them on a server for your recognition and providing you with access to the pages and services of the Site. The purpose of storing the further information you provide, such as your address, is to effectively provide the service you have subscribed to, that is, to send the products you purchase through For the purpose of storage, the data is transmitted to a server within Greece. Your consent to these Terms of Use also gives your explicit consent to the maintenance and processing of your Personal Data.

3.3 You have the right to delete, correct, modify, update the data you have declared, and even disable your registration at any time by updating your profile or by contacting [email protected]. At the same address you may be contacted for any information or objection regarding the processing of your data.

3.4 Your e-mail address will not be used to send spam. If you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter recipient list for daily e-mail updates, you will receive messages about the new services and products of, and in each of the messages you will be given the option to unsubscribe from the list of recipients (opt-out).

3.5   undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and/or disclose the information of users of to any third-party. may transfer its users’ data to third-parties of legal and/or natural persons only if it has the prior consent of the subject to channel the data and information concerning him or her due to compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities alone. Especially your e-mail address will not be passed on to third-party recipients unless you choose to subscribe to special offers from our affiliates. In addition, the legal and natural persons who cooperate with have the right to process the personal data that the users of provide to it only to the extent strictly necessary for providing technical or other support to or for serving the users' own requests and are bound by the respective terms of the protection of such data.


4.1 The Site is the intellectual property of its creators, in accordance with the Law 2121/1993 “On Intellectual Property”, as amended and currently in force and the international conventions signed by Greece.

4.2 retains exclusive intellectual property rights in the design, source code and the entire content of the Site (including images, graphics, photographs, videos, drawings, texts, articles, services and generally of all files on this Site). In addition, the content contained in, its structure and categorization constitute a database in the sense of Law 2121/1993 and is protected by this law. Part of the content of, and in particular the images or texts contained in the online stores, may be intellectual property of third parties of natural and/ or legal persons licensed by the Any violation of these rights in any way places the responsibilities and penalties prescribed by the law. By way of example, it is forbidden to process, copy, modify, publish or republish and distribute in any way any content (included but not limited to images, text and any audiovisual material) of the Site, and the online stores hosted on it, including content added by sellers, as well as decompilation or in any way unauthorized use of their software.

4.3 The "" logo is a distinctive title of the homonym business and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law. The use of the distinctive title "” without the written permission of the rightsholder is strictly forbidden. At there may be different store or product trademarks, beneficiaries or licensees whose users are adding them. is not responsible for any unauthorized use of these trademarks. For any information about such trademarks, you can contact directly with the user who has added it.

44.4 Adding any form of content to your online store as a seller at, you declare that you have full rights therein accordance with Greek law or that you have the explicit prior permission of the beneficiary for that particular use. You may not register, distribute, reproduce or generally process and manage any third-party copyrighted or patented content without obtaining the prior written consent of the copyright holder of such rights. may disable the online store of any seller repeatedly violating the above condition after being given appropriate notice on this matter by the copyright authority or its legal representative.

44.5 Without violating or restricting the foregoing, if you believe that your intellectual work or trademark is being copied or posted to in a manner that violates your personality or your intellectual property rights, please send a written notification at [email protected].


5.1 provides the means of communication between sellers and interested buyers. It is not a party to the contracts between them and it is not involved in any way in the selection, pricing, sale, shipping, returning, etc. of the products. For any information or observation about the operation of an e-shops you should contact its owner through the message does not bind and does not guarantee the quality or "Greekity" of the products. With your consent to these Terms of Use, you explicitly acknowledge that you make purchases of products from the shops of, at your own discretion and responsibility, by evaluating freely the products offered and understanding that no corporate or other relationship of cooperation or warranty links with sellers.

5.2 Prices - Shipping Cost - Payment Methods

The prices are valid for the period stated in the online store. In any case, the price quoted at the time of the order is considered valid. The prices quoted must include the applicable VAT, but the final price may be subject to taxes or duties imposed in the country of entry of the product and not included in the price. You must be informed according to the country of receipt of the product for the relevant duties, taxes or other charges.

Each e-shop determines the specific terms on which purchases are made from it. Thus, shipping costs and payment methods may vary depending on the store. gives stores only PayPal payment right now.

Before you make an order through you are kindly requested to read carefully the special terms of sale, shipping and payment set by the seller of the respective e-shop.

5.3 Order Cancellation

In order to cancel an order (in whole or in part) before receiving the product you have purchased, you should contact the respective seller-owner of the relevant online store via the contact form provided by If the store owner does not respond to your messages and you believe the order has not been shipped as promised, you can send an email to with the following information: ordering details, copy of the order confirmation message, the problem that concerns you and how you want us to help.

5.4 Right of withdrawal

The sale of products through electronic stores constitutes a contract for the distance marketing of goods in accordance with the provisions of Law 2251/1994, as amended and currently in force. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase of any product, pursuant to Articles 3e-3ib of Law 2251/1994, except the following:

(a) products manufactured according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized;

(b) products which may be deteriorated or expire soon;

(c) sealed goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene and which have been unsealed after delivery;

(d) goods which, by reason of their nature, are inseparably mixed with other elements;

(e) alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed upon at the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale, the delivery of which may be affected only after 30 days and the actual price of which depends on fluctuations in the market beyond the control of the seller;

(f) sealed audio recordings or sealed video recordings or sealed computer software, unopened after delivery;

(g) newspapers and magazines of all kinds.

You are entitled to cancel within 14 calendar days without giving any explanation. The withdrawal period expires 14 calendar days from the day after you acquired the physical possession of the goods you purchased. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send a clear statement (e.g. letter, fax or e-mail) to the store owner, such as the template withdrawal statement we provide to you (link to template). In the event of withdrawal, you must return the product you purchased to the seller within 14 days, incurring only the relevant return expense, and the seller must return the product price and delivery costs within 14 days of receipt of the statement.

5.5 cannot always be sure of the content of its online stores and of the products available before they appear on its websites. In any case, it is not required by law, as an intermediary of online services, to proactively check the uploaded content or to seek potential violations of the Terms of Use or the applicable legislation. This may allow a user to enter information or products whose type or content violates these terms. Please help us by reporting any product that is displayed in an online shop of and is illegal, dangerous or violates these Terms of Use, by sending a notice to


6.1 A prerequisite for creating an online store and selling your products through is to create a user account of the site. The relevant form is accessible from “Open Store”. Each user may own only one store. Maintaining a store in will require payment of monthly hosting fees per product, as defined each time in the relevant section of the Site. In addition, for every sale you make through your store at, a percentage (sale fee) will be withheld on the final price of the product, as determined, for which will send you the relevant invoice per month/quarter, according to the information you have declared.

6.2 You acknowledge that although provides you with the necessary technological infrastructure and means for publishing content and selling products remotely, all information (data, text, photos, images, videos, etc.) you publish in your store and all the products you offer through it, remain your sole responsibility. With your consent to these Terms, you explicitly and unconditionally declare that the products you are marketing through

(a) are your property;

(b) are manufactured or produced in Greece;

(c) comply with all safety requirements laid down by Greek law and European Union law relating to them. In particular, in the case of foods or beverages, they are safe for consumption and state their expiry date;

d) actually, have the features you attribute to them through the description you enter in the relevant point;

(e) do not infringe any intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties;

(f) selling them at an online store is permitted under applicable law and you comply with all legal requirements regarding the marketing and sale of these products.

In any case, each user-seller is solely responsible to buyers for the kind and quality of the products he sells through, as well as for the process of shipping, cancelling orders and returning the products. With your consent to these Terms of Use, you explicitly acknowledge that you create an e-shop at and sell products through it to other users, at your sole responsibility, respecting in particular Article 4.4 of these Terms.

6.3 Prohibited products

It is forbidden to sell, promote or in any way advertise illegal products or products dangerous to health and safety through the stores of In particular, it is forbidden to sell and promote in any way any product that is unsuitable for consumption or harmful or whose production, distribution, advertising or transportation violates these Terms of Use or the applicable national and European legislation. Indicatively and not restrictively, the sale and promotion in any way of weapons and firearms, drugs, explosives, medicinal products, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, stolen or unlawful objects, living organisms or organs, tobacco, real estate, motor vehicles and vehicle spare parts , protected antiquities, securities, personal data, intellectual property works and copyrights without the permission of their beneficiaries, pirated material, pornographic material and any other of any product in violation of any provision of applicable law (e.g. the Market Law, telecommunications legislation, gambling, etc.) or international law, especially, but not limited to, manufacture, distribution, advertising or transportation of any product that is wholly or partially subject to revocation is inappropriate, harmful, fraudulent, illegal, counterfeit or unlawful. reserves the right to remove, delete users, stores and/or products and services or even prevent the publication of stores or products at his sole discretion if this condition is violated.

6.5 Mandatory information requirements

The sale of products via e-shop at is a sale of goods from a distance within the sense of Law 2251/1994. This contract is concluded directly between the seller and the buyer without any mediation of the As a seller, you must be aware of the applicable law and adhere to it. For example, you must state in your online store the following information in a visible, clear and comprehensible way: your identity and address, your contact details, the main features of the products you exbibit, the total price including VAT or any other tax, (other than any duties or taxes that may be imposed in the country in which the product is delivered), the quantity and shipping costs, the payment and delivery arrangements for the products, the time limit within which you undertake to deliver the products, the duration of the offer or the price and the existence of the right of withdrawal.

6.6 Withdrawal

When selling remotely, as sellers you have to give buyers the right to withdraw within 14 days from receipt of the product, according to the conditions of Law 2251/1994: if you receive any clear cancellation statement of the purchaser within the above deadline, you owe to accept the return of the product to its original condition or the wear and tear that is necessary for the consumer to discover the nature, characteristics or functions while returning within 14 days from the receipt of the statement the amount you received including delivery costs. The right of withdrawal excludes products listed in clause 5.5 of these Terms of Use.

6.7 Prices are valid as long as they are displayed on your store. In any case, the price stated at the time of the order is valid. In the event of a price change or modification of the description of a particular product, any change applies to future orders and does not affect outstanding transactions.

6.8 reserves the right to remove, delete users, stores and/or products, or not to allow the publication of stores or products at its sole discretion if it considers that it infringes or reduces its value. In addition, reserves the right to delete a store if it has been left inactive for more than six months. Inactive is a store when its user has not been logged in to it within six months and no sale has taken place at the same time.

6.9 You are liable to and to any of its affiliates for any damage or harm resulting from your use of the services of the Site in an unfair manner or inconsistent with these terms. Any violation of these Terms of Use gives the option, in its sole discretion, to delete your product or store and, in the event of a repeated violation, your member's account, even without prior notice. Repeated violation of these terms exists when the user has violated these terms and/or the Terms of Use twice and/or has removed its content for the above reasons twice.


7.1 On behalf of no warranty, express or implied, regarding the nature or quality of the products marketed by its users who own a store as vendors on the Site, or the adherence to shipping, delivery or return procedures on their behalf, for which the owners of the shops are solely responsible. Nor is any warranty given to sellers about the successful sale of the products they exhibit or the completion of any transaction. In no event shall, its employees or persons associated with them be liable to you for any damage you may be caused by the use of the Site.

7.2 The content and, in particular, the products and services of the Site are provided "as is" with any warranty, express or implied in any way whatsoever regarding their merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

7.3 No explicit warranty is given that the pages, services, features, options and contents of the Site will be provided without interruption, without errors and that the errors will be corrected. Even though we make every effort, no warranty is given that the Site does not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. 

7.4 With your consent to these Terms of Use, you declare that you have no claims against for any interruption or termination of its service or services. In no event, its representatives, its employees or persons associated with it liable to you for any damage you may suffer from the use of the Site.


8.1 Given the nature and volume of Internet information, under any circumstances and for any cause, including negligence, is not responsible for any form of damage, loss or moral harm arising from the use, availability or unavailability of services and content due to a technical problem, maintenance work or otherwise, the use of which is solely at your own initiative and responsibility.

8.2 is not obliged to check and therefore is not responsible, but not limited to, the following: the truth of the information reported, the legitimacy of the operation of any online e-shop, the quality, legitimacy and security of the sold products and their properties, the ability to complete any transaction through as well as the payment of the purchase price by the buyer.

8.3 The content and information contained on the Site should in under no circumstances be considered as an inducement to purchase, as advice or as a general recommendation for a specific action. 


9.1 The Site may contain links (“links”) to other web sites, which are controlled by third parties. Under no circumstances is liable for their content, nor for any financial or other damage you suffer if you follow them. In no case does guarantee that these links will work indefinitely. Furthermore, the external links are indicative and not exclusive or restrictive. reserves the right to remove or add links without any notice to anyone and to change the content of the Site or e-shops at any time.

9.2 By using the Site you understand and accept that is in not in any way responsible for the content of the hyperlinks that the Site contains, the services/products they offer or the ads they contain.  


You are solely responsible and liable to and its affiliates for any damage or loss resulting from the illegal or harmful use of your account, the illegal use of your e-shop, and your use of the services of in a fraudulent manner or in violation of these Terms of Use. As a seller, you are liable for damages to the Site Administrators for any amount they may be liable to pay to buyers or third parties due to the illegal or unconventional use of your online store.


11.1 If you are interested in advertising at, you will have to fill out a request to in order to receive all the necessary information and send it to [email protected]. is not responsible for the privacy policy of personal data that advertisers follow in their dealings with users of advertising services.

11.2 has no responsibility for your communication with third-party service providers advertised on the Site and for any possible commercial transaction that may arise from your relationship with them.


The Site may use cookies to identify you in certain services and pages. Cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your web browser (browser) by a web server (server) and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not damage your system and do not affect its functionality in any way. Cookies also make navigating the Web easier for you by saving your settings. You can configure its browser in such a way that you either warn about the use of cookies on certain services on the Site, or you prohibit the use of cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies for your identification, you will not be able to access these services.


The above terms and conditions of use of the Site, as well as any amendments thereof, are governed by and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties signed by Greece. Competent courts are the courts of Kilkis. All of the above terms are agreed as essential. Any provision of these terms that is against the law will cease to be valid and will be removed from the present, without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms.

If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you must not use the services of the Site.