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Payments & Safety

5.2 Prices - Shipping Cost - Payment Methods

The prices are valid for the period stated in the online store. In any case, the price quoted at the time of the order is considered valid. The prices quoted must include the applicable VAT, but the final price may be subject to taxes or duties imposed in the country of entry of the product and not included in the price. You must be informed according to the country of receipt of the product for the relevant duties, taxes or other charges.

Each e-shop determines the specific terms on which purchases are made from it. Thus, shipping costs and payment methods may vary depending on the store. gives stores only PayPal payment right now.

Before you make an order through

you are kindly requested to read carefully the special terms of sale, shipping and payment set by the seller of the respective e-shop.

In Made in Greece despite the number of stores that you want to buy from ,you are not obliged to register your card details into any online store.
Made in Greece has obtained for you in collaboration with paypal services the most decure and reliable way to complete your online shopping.
Our privacy policy creates a safe and reliable trading enviroment. Also express chechout paypal service provides you the fastest possible speed in handling your transaction.